Is it possible for on-premises data centers to compete with the provisioning automation capabilities of the public cloud? Traditionally this has been difficult because on-premises provisioning automation requires automating the physical layer (servers, storage, and networking).

In fact, even the most basic provisioning operation requires interacting with at least four different protocols. Enterprise deployments typically require around ten! Additionally, any operational gap means relying on manual steps, brittle defaults, or fragile pre-configurations.

How can these on-premises challenges to provisioning infrastructure be conquered?

Data Center Operations Should be Simple, Reusable, and Productive

RackN Digital Rebar was built to be a vendor-neutral Provisioning Abstraction Layer. When our founders set out to build infrastructure automation, they saw everyone was re-inventing solutions to common problems. In fact, the marketplace looked like a jumble of disconnected tools that have been architected and released over the past 20 to 30 years.

Digital Rebar is software that spans an organization’s control interfaces into a single workflow. As best practices are standardized, it becomes easy to create discoverable operating environments with consistent configurations. Subsequently, data center orchestration becomes seamless and fast. The autonomous operation of centralized data centers and edge locations starts from the physical infrastructure.

Provisioning Bare Metal? We’ve got specialized capabilities for that.

Digital Rebar Provisioning Automation Features

Provisioning Abstraction

Digital Rebar works with any type of infrastructure, from bare metal to cloud and edge systems.

Truly Vendor Neutral

Mix and match the hardware vendors, networking topologies, and software you use. Choose the best balance of cost, performance and sustaining your organization’s needs.

Workflow Automation

The key to provisioning is the ability to chain automation tasks between different systems, tools and APIs into workflows.

Bridging Silos

Digital Rebar’s IaC approach provides the missing “glue” between infrastructure systems that makes it easy for teams to share and collaborate.

Try Digital Rebar’s Provisioning Automation Capabilities in Your Datacenter

Digital Rebar sets the standard for programmable infrastructure. It is an API-first platform that is installed and managed by IT organizations. This provides a path for companies to control of their digital destiny.

Why not see what Digital Rebar can do in your environment? Check out our Trial page.

This animation [full video] shows the extensible Digital Rebar provisioning workflow.

Using VMware? Our zero-touch VMware workflow explains our advanced VMware features.

RackN Digital Rebar Capabilities

Provisioning Automation

Expand Choice starting from a multi‑vendor Provisioning Automation and proven best practices

Infrastructure as Code

Improve Consistency with fully source-controlled Infrastructure as Code automation and API‑driven workflows

Distributed Infrastructure

Gain Control across your edge, enterprise, co‑lo and cloud Distributed Infrastructure while keeping site autonomy.

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