Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a repeatable, integrated process that bridges infrastructure into an automation chain. You could say it is an assembly line for technology delivery. In fact, good technology “manufacturing” processes are core to how a business needs to operate.

However, IaC does more than help you understand and control your environment. It enables you to adapt your infrastructure automation chain as technology changes. It helps you create abstraction boundaries to make choices in the technologies and vendors that you use. In short, IaC provides the ability to rapidly change, repair, or adapt your technology automation chains.

Once an organization adopts IaC, new opportunities are created for the entire business to see technology as a commodity. We see Infrastructure as Code as a vital technology that is transforming businesses.

Proven IaC Integrations and Best Practices

IaC is central to the design of Digital Rebar. However it’s important to understand that IaC is a family of design principles, not just a technology. It encapsulates a business perspective about the outcomes of your IT choices. Because of this, IaC provides an understanding of your company’s entire value pipeline.

We designed Digital Rebar around reusable and stackable modules that treat your infrastructure automation as code. We can help you build an IaC practice that will improve operational consistency.

Digital Rebar Infrastructure as Code Features

Improve Teamwork

Drive collaboration intent by creating multi-author, reusable, and descriptive components.

Improve Visibility

Gain insights to your company’s infrastructure pipeline. Discover the current state of your entire infrastructure.

Faster Delivery

Digital Rebar gives insights to your company’s infrastructure pipeline by making it easy to discovery if infrastructure matches your planned state versus its current state.

Expand Control

Take control of your IT delivery chain and prove your technology initiatives are on time, under budget, and consistently secure.

Learn more about the Digital Rebar’s IaC design principles.

Interested in the slides? They are posted here.

RackN Digital Rebar Capabilities

Provisioning Automation

Expand Choice starting from a multi‑vendor Provisioning Automation and proven best practices

Infrastructure as Code

Improve Consistency with fully source-controlled Infrastructure as Code automation and API‑driven workflows

Distributed Infrastructure

Gain Control across your edge, enterprise, co‑lo and cloud Distributed Infrastructure while keeping site autonomy.

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