“Why is RackN IaC important to us? Because it accelerates our operations. Instead of automating in silos, we are able to easily import and share reusable IaC components between internal teams, distributed sites, suppliers and community partners.”

Director of Infrastructure, Global Financial Services Customer (12,000+ servers managed)

The keys to ground-breaking automation technology are the operational model and processes that it enables.

The RackN Success Cycle helps customers create a sustained positive feedback loop for their operational practices across their entire IT estate.

Start your Success Cycle

Building on an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) core, RackN Digital Rebar starts with a deep library of proven automation models and practices.

A modular design allows customers to quickly establish fully autonomous provisioning workflows that fit their unique needs and legacy requirements.

Once proven, descriptive features built into Digital Rebar allow operations teams to document, capture and repeat the working automation. Then integrated distributed infrastructure management quickly replicates success to all sites.


Our multi-vendor automation components cover from cloud to bare metal and allow both per-site customization and standard practices.


By use common patterns across heterogeneous infrastructures, customers confidently maintain existing systems and fearlessly add new ones.


Clone proven automation throughout your IT estate. Consistent standards accelerate delivery of critical technologies.