Looking for to create a support ticket? If you’ve already created one, here’s some helpful information our RackN release policies.

Supported Releases

We track release notes for all releases with our regular documentation.

Updated January 2022

ReleaseDateSupport LevelUX EnabledExpected End of Life
v3.xNoneNon/a (past EoL)
v4.0Aug 2019NoneYesAugust 2020
v4.1Oct 2019NoneYesOctober 2020
v4.2Dec 2019NoneYesDecember 2020
v4.3June 2020Critical YesFebruary 2021
v4.4July 2020Critical YesApril 2021
v4.5Sept 2020CriticalYesDecember 2021
v4.6Feb 2021Critical / Urgent YesJune 2022
v4.7May 2021Critical / Urgent / NormalYesDecember 2022
v4.8Nov 2021Critical / Urgent / NormalYesJune 2023
v4.9Feb 2022Full – CurrentYesDecember 2023

End of Maintenance Schedule

RackN follows an End of Maintenance Schedule for each release.  A release is a change to the major or minor version.

If an Urgent or lower fix is already available in an existing minor release, customers are expected to migrate to the newer minor release.

Post-Release TriggerCriticalUrgentNormalLow+
Immediately After ReleaseYesYesYesOn Review
After Next ReleaseYesYesOn ReviewNo
After Two Newer ReleasesOr at most 6 months AfterYesYesNoNo
After Three Newer  ReleasesOr at most 12 months AfterYesNoNoNo
After Four Newer ReleasesOr at most 18 months AfterEnd of Maintenance