Orchestrate every step of the VMware cluster process, from secure first boot to provisioning workloads, with RackN Digital Rebar.

Build and repave entire vCenter clusters in minutes!
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How long does it take you to install a new vCenter cluster? How long does it take you to update just one, let alone your entire fleet?

Whether you need to manage multi-vendor hardware clusters, or if you are planning VMware-based private cloud clusters, Digital Rebar’s VMware signed integrations help you meet your objectives at scale. Digital Rebar may even eliminate the need for expensive pre-wired appliances or silos of hyper-converged infrastructure.

Rely on Digital Rebar for zero-touch VMware Ops

Eliminate all of the manual steps to fully automate VMware infrastructure from bare metal, eliminating weeks of onboarding effort for new clusters. Put the skill and institutional knowledge of your virtual admin team to work with a solution that is based on VMware’s HCL (hardware compatibility list).

Digital Rebar can also help you ensure security features are deployed correctly from install by running validation and compliance checks. Additionally, Digital Rebar can automate security features such as certificate management for TLS, password generation and enforcement, and patch configurations

VMware Bootstrap
Bootstrap your ESXi environment with Digital Rebar

Roll-out hardware configurations that stay in perfect sync with your main site. Do this with zero human touch – to multiple sites across globe. Free up valuable time for your talented vAdmins so they can go up the stack to support app modernization, multi-cloud, digital workspaces, or any other digital transformation project you have planned.

Learn more by visiting the Digital Rebar page on the VMware Marketplace.

RackN VCF Integration

How does a global financial institution use Digital Rebar to deploy VMware Private Cloud Clusters with Scale, Security and Reliability?

Read the white paper to find out the details.

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