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Does RackN have a SaaS offering?

No. RackN is software that is installed and managed by our customers. This ensures that they always maintain control over their systems and sensitive information. We never have access to customer infrastructure.

What types of Infrastructure does Digital Rebar support?

All types. Digital Rebar was designed from the ground up to mix-and-match hybrid infrastructure from Bare Metal to Edge and Multi-Cloud instances.

But which Bare Metal? Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, Supermicro, RPi and more!

But which Clouds? AWS, Google, Azure, VMware, Oracle, Linode, Digital Ocean and more!

What is your license model?

We count how many machines you can run at a time (see our license page). To best map to customer value, we count and charge differently for virtual/cloud and physical machines while still allowing a mixed infrastructure.

What’s a physical machine? A server, switch or storage device that is running without an abstraction layer. Typically this includes systems with out-of band management and BIOS/RAID/firmware components.

What’s a virtual machine? VMs, cloud instances and container-based machines like Clusters and Resource Brokers.

What are the requirements to start a trial?

None. We don’t require any upfront commitment, payment or personal information to start a trial.

The RackN UX automatically generates a five day “bootstrap” license when you first login. Extending that to a full 30 day trial can be requested at any time from the RackN UX. Need more time? Just ask! No payment is required and we never have access to your system’s information.

The technical requirements are also minimal. Installs require only a minimal VM running Linux and a few minutes of setup time for either cloud or PXE environments.

How secure is Digital Rebar?

Very. Your Digital Rebar infrastructure is yours alone: you do not share it with other RackN customers and RackN does not have access to your systems.

We also recommend using our Enterprise SSO and external secrets features so that you can best manage access and trust in a systemic way.

We have a dedicated Security FAQ page that explores many related security topics.

Do you integrate with Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, VMware and others?

Yes. Integration is a primary design priority of Digital Rebar.

We have an extensive library of IaC modules that allow customers to quickly leverage their existing tools and scripts with minimal modification.

  • Ansible playbooks and Terraform plans can be uploaded or linked into Workflow via Parameters.
  • Containers (Docker and Podman) can be incorporated into Workflows using our Context system without modification.
  • Platforms like Kubernetes and VMware can be installed using our proven Infrastructure Pipelines to ensure a complete Day 1 and Day 2 life-cycle.