Integrated HA breakthrough in Digital Rebar v4.6

Digital Rebar v4.6 is the most significant RackN release to date. With this release, we are delivering a capability few have dreamed of yet something our customers really wanted: Integrated HA.

Who Needs Integrated HA?

Reliable infrastructure is the foundation of all other IT functions. If your management platform is down for any reason, your infrastructure is effectively down as well. Since Digital Rebar provides foundational services for our customers, it becomes part of their essential infrastructure. That’s why we call it “rebar” after all! 

Our customers require Digital Rebar to be highly available, self-contained and completely autonomous.  We have seen Digital Rebar deeply integrated into infrastructures that run tens of thousands of servers. Those organizations can’t afford to change the things the APIs, workflows, integrations and security that are built on top of Digital Rebar every time we make an update.

How Does Integrated HA Work?

We knew we had to build a way for infrastructure operations managed by Digital Rebar to continue to work without interruption, even if parts of the control plane became unavailable. So we embedded an HA consensus algorithm deep into the core of Digital Rebar. We engineered this without impacting our current APIs.  Customers who upgrade to this new version won’t be aware that anything changed behind the scenes even though we’ve dramatically enhanced the core data store system.  Once they upgrade to version 4.6, everything they need to build an HA system will be  included.

Provisioning and Configuration can be Resilient

The idea that provisioning and configuration can be resilient is a huge breakthrough for infrastructure. It brings immutable and dynamic cloud-native practices to every aspect of enterprise’s IT estate.

Making base provisioning and configuration highly available allows operators to build a continuous deployment pipeline that becomes the foundation of all infrastructure.  Once that foundation is solid, automation can be built into every layer of the infrastructure. Ultimately, this strengthens the applications layered on top of the infrastructure.

It is an incredible breakthrough that RackN has implemented this new functionality without changing our APIs or compromising our usability. It’s hard to celebrate when the software “just keeps working,” however that in and of itself is a key feature that is often taken for granted.  

Real Talk 

Our Infrastructure as Code approach, tied with distributed infrastructure management and strong cloud native fundamentals, can transform data center operations for bare metal, edge, virtual and cloud infrastructure. The release of Integrated HA in Digital Rebar v4.6 is proof of that!

I’m excited to see this release performing at our customers’ globally distributed sites, with over 17,000 physical machines under distributed infrastructure management.  I can’t wait to hear about the amazing products they build on top of it.

Why not check it our for yourself? It’s available as a free trial at, and you can read more here:

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