The RackN Vision – Enabling Customer Self-Management

Three minute video and transcript explaining the vision behind RackN designs for Digital Rebar.


I’m Rob Hirschfeld CEO and co founder of RackN. I’d like to take three minutes to explain what Digital Rebar is by explaining why what and how we build it.

Simply put, we empower self-management by our customers, because we believe fundamentally that data centers should be easy to manage. That outsourcing everything you do to somebody else’s control is not the right answer. That if we made infrastructure, easy to use and run, then people would be able to actually take control of their own destiny.

And we do that by coming in with an opinionated cloud-style self-service operational approach. And that’s really important.

This isn’t just about putting a whole bunch of pieces together. It’s actually thinking through how those fit together. How do we create scaleable, simple, shareable patterns and practices? Things that really embrace the heterogeneity by bridging silos.

And not saying that the infrastructure you have is bad or wrong! It’s actually great, but it isn’t connected into a system. And RackN sees that we can actually run data centers as an interconnected system. That’s what we’re doing. That’s what we’re helping people build.

And we do that by adding this missing control layer that combines Infrastructure as a Service concepts with Infrastructure as Code concepts. Something that we’re calling automated infrastructure service chaining actually connects all the pieces of your data center together into a complete and total system.

Something that the cloud providers are doing behind the scenes for you, but we’re making available for any data center in a self-managed way. So that RackN in isn’t responsible for any of your data centers, you have the tools and power to run your own data center. And Digital Rebar is software that you are running or customers running on their own infrastructure at their own enterprise data centers, co-los, and edge sites.

We’re not taking the control away! We’re giving it back to the people who want to run their data centers and we work with our customers to manage and integrate their current vendors. So if you have a vendor that’s working for you, or legacy hardware that’s important, we help you with that. And then we make it easy to add and expand because we don’t want you to be beholden to us.

The whole point of RackN is to make our customers independent and autonomous, and then help guide them bring common practices, so that we get reuse. And things that one customer learns the next customer benefits.

That’s what is an open community. And this is really where Digital Rebar comes in as a unified cloud-like API for infrastructure right an Infrastructure as a Service or is, but critically, it has to be simple to understand and portable. That’s what Infrastructure as Code brings us these two things together, are the secret to RackN success. We make infrastructure easy to own again.

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